Alex G.

I Highly Recommend Martin Chiropractic

Student Athlete – As a cross country runner, from time to time I experienced knee pain. From day one Dr. Martin was very thorough and explained the cause of my discomfort. After only 2 weeks of Laser Light Therapy, I have very little to no pain. I highly recommend Martin Chiropractic.

Alex G.

2nd Lieutenant Savino Cisneros

Thank you Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin took great care of my back and knee. He listened to my concerns and assured I got the best care possible. Thank you Dr. Martin for keeping me in the fight.

2nd Lieutenant Savino Cisneros

The Turner Family

Healthier Family

Dr.Martin keeps our entire family healthier and feeling great with regular chiropractic care. He is great with kids and they love their adjustments. The office staff is very friendly. Martin Chiropractic is First Rate.

Turner Family

Esther C. 86 years young

I Have Not Felt This Pain Free For Many Years

I never thought I could feel this good again. The very next day after my treatment I FELT SO MUCH BETTER!! What an improvement!! After years of back pain and 4 back surgeries. Dr. Martin was very gentle and I have not felt this pain free for many years. I recommend Martin Chiropractic to all of my fellow seniors to improve their lives.

Esther C.

Leroy L.

Increase In My Energy

Wow! It is amazing! After just one treatment I felt an immediate increase in my energy! My posture has improved and I have a big improvement in my range of motion too! Dr. Martin, Elane, and April are very friendly and professional.

Leroy L.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Bramlett

A Lifesaver For Me

Martin Chiropractic has been a lifesaver for me! Thanks to their outstanding treatment, I am able to tackle the physical rigors of my job. They understand the wear and tear that soldier’s bodies take and how unpredictable our schedules can be.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Bramlett US ARMY
“No endorsement by the U.S. Army or NTC is actual or implied.”

Daniela M.


Elane was just absolutely wonderful. She was warm, caring, and genuine. From the beginning I was told what to expect and I felt that my opinion mattered to them. Now on to the best part. Dr. Martin was amazing. He is certainly an exceptional doctor with a caring, genuine, and honest demeanor accompanied by tremendous experience. He explained everything in great detail and made me feel confident. I walked into the office that morning hobbling and limping in with excruciating pain and walked out with a great deal of satisfaction. I was walking straight and my pain went from unbearable to slight discomfort. I’d highly recommend anyone and everyone to seek this exceptional doctor of Chiropractic. Thanks you. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Daniela M.

Welcome Baby Caleb Tirado !!!!!

Thank You for Helping My Dreams Come True

I am 30 years old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years. A long time patient of Dr. Martin, my husband, Luis, has always been pleased with his care, so I decided to give Chiropractic a try. I read on the internet that chiropractic is helpful to many who are trying to conceive. With the help of God and Dr. Martin, after only 3 short months I am pregnant! For anyone who is trying to conceive, I would highly recommend Dr. Martin. Thank you to Dr. Martin and his staff for helping my dreams come true.

Vanessa T.

Sean Fowler

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

My name is Sean Fowler and I am the CEO of Barstow Community Hospital. Due to my active lifestyle I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for over ten years. I placed myself in the care of Dr. Scott Martin at Martin Chiropractic. I found the staff to be professional, friendly, and caring as was the Doctor. The facility has state of the art equipment such as their digital x-ray system and laser treatment unit. After an examination from Dr. Martin he performed a series of x-rays on my spine. The images were clearly explained and where the problems were that he believed he could help correct. After a short series of treatments it is my pleasure to report that I am virtually pain free with greater range of movement in my neck and back. Due to my results and the excellent friendly customer service provided me; I give Martin Chiropractic my highest recommendation.

Sean Fowler, CEO Barstow Hospital

WOW What a Difference

I had Laser Light Therapy for my chronic shoulder pain and WOW what a difference!!
My Orthopedic surgeon had recommended surgery but now my shoulder feels great. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with shoulder pain.

Chuck Hutchinson

What our new patients are saying about us…

I feel so great! I feel like dancing! Thank you Dr. Martin.

~Manuel G. (March 26/14)

I can’t believe how long I have lived in pain. I’m so grateful for starting a journey to a pain free life.

~Karis R. (March 7/14)

After 3 treatments on my lower back and my neck I am free of constant pain for the first time in 10 years. I no longer have to hold my breath to tie my shoes or bend at the waist.

~Captain Matt R. U.S. Army (Feb. 28/14)

Everyone was very nice. Got right in! I was even walking better than when I walked in. Would recommend him as he listened and loved his staff.

~Raygena M. (Jan. 15/14)

Dr. Martin Chiropractic was highly recommended by my wife. I found the office to be very professional courteous and helpful. Dr. Martin diagnosed me and told me exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. I highly recommend this office and will spread the word at Ft. Irwin to everyone that needs chiropractic care. I appreciated getting in so quickly and the extreme friendliness of his staff

~Johnny P. (Jan. 14/14)

I appreciated Dr Martin explaining to me in detail about my neck condition. He also listened to my questions and answered my concerns.

Doctor Martin did a great job in picking a very friendly staff!!

~ Anna S (Sept 12/13)

This was my first visit to a Chiropractor. I don’t know what I expected but it certainly was a positive experience. It gave me complete confidence that Dr. Martin will help me with my problem. I would recommend him to anyone needing his professional care.

~ Joe J (Aug 8/13)

I’m so in love with this place everyone was awesome and Dr. Was a BIG help ??? I’m very thankful for them I feel 10 times lighter

~ Raylene V (June 17/13)

Thank you very much although I am still in pain my headaches have susided. I know that it will take some time to stop hurting so much.

~ Christina G (June 14/13)

I like the atmosphere and friendliness of staff there, as well as the various methods he uses to relieve my symptoms.

~ Michael H (June 6/13)

Vincent Rodriguez

Low Back and Hip Pain

I have been coming to Dr. Martin since 2003. I had spent many years as an athlete and working in the construction industry. As a result, I was losing some quality of life. I had so much pain in my lower back and hips that I could hardly bend down and I was only getting 2-3 hours of sleep at night. I knew I needed help and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life taking pain pills just to get through the day. A friend recommended that I go to Martin Chiropractic. From day one Dr. Martin, Elane and Donna have been awesome. They’re always friendly, attentive, and they really care about the well-being of their patients. The treatments I have received have completely relieved my pain and put me back on track to live a more active and happier life. I can’t say enough good things about the Dr. Martin and his staff. They have truly helped me, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Thank you very much Dr. Martin and Staff

Vincent Rodriguez

Chaplain Tammie Crews

An Alternative Treatment for My Severe Headaches

I came for treatment for severe headaches which started when I was in Iraq. I wanted to find the cause of my headaches and I did not want to take medication. Martin Chiropractic is the alternative treatment that I was looking for. After only a few visits, my headaches have been significantly reduced and are almost non-existent. This is such a great relief after more than 3 years of constant headaches.

Thank you for such great service.

Chaplain Tammie Crews – US Army

September 10, 2012

Peggi Fries

To anyone who is wondering if chiropractic care might be helpful.

I am 63 years old. When I was 13 years old I began having headaches. Doctors tried many different medications. For the next 50 years, I have taken 12-21 aspirin per day for the headaches. I know I must have been blessed with an iron stomach. When I was 40, I was diagnosed with Lupus. Many doctors involved believed that I was misdiagnosed for all these years. Honestly, I cannot remember a time that I did not have a headache. The medical Doctors say that it is part of the neurological conditions. I just kept taking my aspirin. In July I hurt my foot. The x-rays were negative and my medical doctor said to ice it and stay off of it. I work every day and I would not know how to “stay off of it”. I attended a Meeting where Dr. Scott Martin, chiropractor, gave a presentation so I thought I would try anything to fix my foot. I made an appointment at Martin Chiropractic. After Dr. Martin carefully listened to my history he examined not only my foot but also my neck and back. After a few treatments my foot was much better, and with each visit he also worked on my neck and back. I need to say every 4 hours I had to take three or more aspirin to keep my headaches to a point where I could bear them. After two weeks with Dr. Martin, I was forgetting to take aspirin. In fact, I didn’t remember when the last time I had a headache was. Mind you, I purchase aspirin by the thousand. I never imagined a life without headaches, 50 YEARS IS A VERY LONG TIME. But I have a life without headaches! Amazingly enough I also have a life without aspirin. This letter is both a thank you to Dr. Martin and an encouragement for anyone who is thinking about whether or not chiropractic medicine might improve their lives. Maybe you can find a new life without aspirin, pain medication or with one less ache or pain. It worked for me. I would have NEVER believed it. I have to believe that I hurt my foot for a reason. The reason was that I had to meet Dr. Martin. You may need to meet him too. He and his wonderful staff will make your life better simply by the amazing respect and caring they will show you.

Thank you for everything Dr. Martin

With extreme gratitude,

Executive Director of Desert Sanctuary, a.k.a. Hailey House
Peggi Fries, Barstow CA

Mr. Tilman Evans

Back Pain – Tilman Evans – 92 Years Young

Thank you Dr. Martin for helping my back get better. July 12, 2012 I woke up that morning and couldn’t straighten up. I was walking bent over and in lots of pain every time I moved. Friday July 13, 2012 I could not take the pain any longer. My wife told me about Dr. Scott Martin the chiropractor. I walked in his office without an appointment. He could see how much pain I was in. He gave me a treatment, after that treatment I felt better. I had a second treatment on my back and I was feeling much better, and after the third treatment I was walking straight and no longer bent over. My fourth visit was on my birthday, I was 92 years old. Now I am loading my truck again and feeling fine.

God bless you Dr. Scott Martin, Chiropractor

A very grateful patient Mr. Tilman Evans

Low Back Pain

My name is Mark Johnson. I am a professional golfer and compete on the PGA Champions Tour. I have been suffering with lower back pain for the past year that has been progressively getting worse. It was recommended that I see Dr. Scott Martin at Martin Chiropractic in Barstow. Dr. Martin performed an examination and x-ray study of my low back. Dr. Martin explained and showed me areas of my low back that needed care, and that he was confident he could help me. After about 12 treatments I can say it has improved nearly 100%. I have a few more treatments to go and then Dr. Martin will design an exercise program for me to get back in competitive shape. He has helped me so much that I cannot wait to go back this week. Thank you Dr. Martin.

Mark Johnson

2005 Winner Toshiba Classic

Gloria Coppedge

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neck Pain and Headaches

I came to Dr. Martin with neck pain and headaches. Dr. Martin and his staff have been very professional and kind to me during my treatment program. My neck pain and headaches are all but gone now. I also developed very severe wrist pain which Dr. Martin treated with a laser on my wrist. After just a few treatments my wrist is much improved with only a slight pain remaining. You guys are the best!

Gloria Coppedge, Barstow, CA

David Mylander

Low Back Pain

After finally going to medical doctors for a pinched sciatic nerve with no real relief from the pain in my lower back, hip, leg and foot, it was recommended by a friend to try Dr. Scott Martin, am I ever glad I did! Before going to see Dr. Martin, it was very difficult to walk or even stand which I need to do at work, but after the first adjustment the pain was greatly reduced. After the second adjustment/treatment the pain is nearly gone. I will continue to keep coming back until the pain is completely gone. Then I will come back again at the first hint of the pain re-occurring, and this is from someone who really does not like going to doctors at all. I would recommend Dr. Martin and his staff to anyone suffering from pains that cannot be treated, or they do not want to be treated by drugs. Thank you again Dr. Martin and Staff!!

David Mylander, Physics instructor Cal Poly Pomona

COL (Ret) Joseph B. Lofgren

Low Back Pain

I am COL (Ret) Joseph B. Lofgren. I retired from the Army in 2009 after almost 30 years of service and moved to the High Desert to pursue a new career at Ft. Irwin. A friend recommended Martin Chiropractic Clinic to me after I had surgery for a benign brain tumor in 2011. I had spent months in the hospital and many more months in physical, occupational, and speech therapies, which were very successful. However; I had fallen several times during my rehabilitation and was experiencing lower back pain that hindered my progress in learning to walk again. After only a few adjustments my low back pain has subsided and my walking and balance has improved significantly. Thank you Dr. Martin.

Ben Martinez

Neck and Shoulder Pain

About 5 weeks ago I started seeing Dr. Martin for neck and shoulder pain. The pain was so bad I could not turn my head to the left or right. My head was also stuck in a forward position, when I tried to lift my head level over my shoulders it would cause pain to both sides of my head and neck. After my first visit with Dr. Martin I felt so much better. I could hold my head level over my shoulders and the left to right movement of my head increased 50%. Now after only after a few weeks I have only a very low level of pain and most days no pain at all. My quality of life has greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Martin.

Sincerely, Ben Martinez

Donna Sluder

Low Back Pain

For the past several months I have been experiencing lower and nagging back pain which gradually became more constant. Dr. Martin began a series of treatments three times weekly, and after only 6 treatments I can tell a marked difference. The back pain has diminished greatly and I can tell such a difference in my walking without any discomfort. So much so that I’m beginning to get back in my daily walking habit which I had stopped.

Donna Sluder

Mark Tester

Low Back and Shoudler Pain

My name is Mark Tester. I retired from the Army in 1971 with a disability due to skeletal defects. I had serious lower back and shoulder problems. Surgery was recommended by medical doctors but I opted to try Chiropractic treatment before surgery. Chiropractic care proved to be effective. In 1989 I had neck surgery at Scripps Clinic, I continued with chiropractic treatments. In 2001 I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Scott Martin and continued with occasional treatment to the present date. In 2006 I was involved in a serious automobile accident. Dr. Martin’s treatment was instrumental in helping me through the injuries of the accident. Due to the accident I eventually had to have shoulder and lower back surgery. Both surgeries were performed at Scripps Clinic in LaJolla, CA. I continued to receive a follow-up at Scripps Clinic and continued to receive Chiropractic treatment from Dr. Martin. My medical doctors at Scripps advised me to continue chiropractic treatment with Dr. Martin. In over forty years of receiving Chiropractic treatment I believe Dr. Martin to be one of the best and most knowledgeable Chiropractors that I have known. His office staff and facilities are excellent.

Mark Tester, Barstow, CA

Donna Chisam

Dizziness and Hip Pain

Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Vertigo and have been on medication to help to control my dizzy spells. Anyone who has ever suffered with Vertigo can tell you that the medication does not stop the spells but it will help to lessen the severity when you have a spell. Since going to Dr. Martin and getting my neck and back aligned properly the spells of Vertigo continued to lessen and within the month they have stopped so that I can finally have periods free from the worry of Vertigo. As for my hip pain, thanks to Dr. Martins hip treatments, I am now able to walk more than I have in a year.

Thank you Dr. Martin

Donna Chisam

Lyn Cooper

Back Pain

I had really bad back pain for a year before I decided to go to a chiropractor. After having the 12 sessions of treatments I feel so much better! Everytime I came in I was always welcomed by my first name and it felt good! Elane and Donna are so sweet and Dr. Martin is a great chiropractor that I will always refer to!

Lyn Cooper, Housewife and Mom of 5

Mrs. Dorothy Marion

My Doctor Recommended Dr. Martin

I went to Dr. Martin with a pinched nerve in my back, COPD with chronic bronchitis, my neck was in pain along with my back, and I have osteoarthritis. I was in constant pain and did not know what to do. My doctor recommended Dr. Martin. I told him my problems – he took X-rays and showed me where all my problems areas were. I asked him to be gentle because I was in so much pain. NEVER ONCE have I hurt after an adjustment and Dr. Martin has been so gentle with me and fixed me up every week. He is a kind, gentle and caring doctor and I would not even think of going elsewhere. His staff, Elane and Donna, are always smiling and you feel like family when you go there. His office radiates a place of care and healing. My daily life has become so much easier since I have been seeing Dr. Martin. I praise God I found the right chiropractor for me. He makes my life so much easier. I recommend Dr. Martin to all of my friends and people I just meet anywhere and I carry his cards with me just to help someone else that needs a quality chiropractor. I think he is amazing in his field.

Mrs. Dorothy Marion

Kathleen Jarrell

Low Back Pain and Knee Pain

After several medical visits and referrals to an orthopedic surgeon which referred me to physical therapy three times a week and several x-rays. I decided I could not be satisfied with the MRI results in which the orthopedic surgeon told me to get a cane and live with the pain as long as I can stand it then we will run deeper tests and a deeper MRI. I really felt that I was kicked to the curb to be in miserable pain and limp and plan my days around how far I could walk in a day. I had been to Dr. Martin a couple years prior so I thought well this is my only hope of not being in pain everyday and taking Motrin like it was a snack. After only a few sessions with Dr. Martin I cannot tell you how nice it is not to wake up in the night in pain and be able to walk the mall or just walk to my car without noticing any kind of pain. Dr. Martin and his staff are like family they are so caring and always willing to work you in and listen to your life’s situations and know that they really care. I have never once had a bad experience with Martin Chiropractic. I would like to share with everyone that I can that Martin Chiropractic has just been wonderful to me and I would recommend going to them first before the big runaround and all the money and time sent on nothing but headaches and pain, and no outcome other than live with it till you can’t take it anymore.

Thank you Dr. Martin and Staff
Kathleen Jarrell, Secretary

Danielle Chavez

Sports Injury

Hello, my name is Danielle Chavez and I am sixteen years of age. After injuring my hip during a soccer practice, and dealing with the aches and pains, my father took me to the fabulous Dr. Martin Chiropractic clinic. He is known around town to work miracles for all and any injuries, and true to form. After a few adjustments I was better than new. His staff is always courteous and polite, making you feel welcome. Everyone says that I say Dr. Martin walks on water, but truthfully he is just the best at what he does. I recommend him to any and everyone.

Danielle Chavez, Student Athlete

Esther Long

It doesn’t hurt and I feel better

My name is Esther. I am 95 years old. I have lived with back pain for years because I was afraid a chiropractor would hurt me.

After my first visit to Dr. Martin I could feel a difference my legs more easily and my back pain is almost gone.

Dr. Martin has never hurt me. I wish I had gone to him years ago. I feel and move so much better.

Esther Long

Joseph Justman

Low Back Pain

This was my first visit to a Chiropractor. I don’t know what I expected but it certainly was a positive experience. It gave me a complete confidence that Dr. Martin will help me with my problem. I would recommend him to anyone Needing his professional care.

Joseph Justman, Retired Marine

David Powell

Low Back Pain

I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for over 5 years. I’ve been to medical doctors. I tried physical therapy for a while, nothing would relieve my pain. A friend recommended me to Martin Chiropractic. After two treatments my pain was gone. So now when my back goes out I run to Dr. Martin. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went in his office bent over from pain and walked out pain free.

Thanks Dr. Martin
David Powell, BNSF Railroad

Ruth Pinz

My Two-Year Old Son Could Not Get Out of Bed

My son, Simon is 2 years old woke up one morning not being able to get out of bed. He is usually a very active child who is up and out of bed before the rest of his siblings. But this morning, he was unable to move. I picked him up and put him down and he was crying. I knew that if I took him to the E R it was going to be hours of wait time and in the end would be prescribed medication which I did not want.

I decided to take him to see Dr. Martin instead and I am so glad that I did. When we arrived at the office, I had to carry him into the exam room. After Dr. Martin examined and treated my son, he was walking out the front door. He is now his old active and vibrant self and all thanks to Martin Chiropractic and Dr. Martin.

Ruth Pinz

Steven King

Shoulder and Arm pain (Laser Therapy)

The past ten years I had been having increased difficulty with pain and soreness in my shoulders and arms. I dismissed the problem as arthritis from aging and overuse. It got to a point where I could not sleep at night or raise my arm to even shoulder height. My quality of life was substantially affected due to the pain level and sleep deprivation. I am happy to report that since Dr. Scott Martin’s adjustments and Laser Therapy to my shoulder the pain has disappeared! I can now sleep at night pain free. I hurt for so long that now it almost feels funny not to have pain! Thank you Dr. Martin for treating me with the laser! I appreciate the improvement in my retired life and returning to the volunteer work I enjoy.

Steven King, Retired

Sara Olmos

Pregnancy – Low Back Pain

Since high school I have had lower back pain. When I became pregnant with my 2nd child, my back pain became worse and worse. By the 6th month, I was in excruciating pain by the end of the day. The pain was actually almost unbearable to even walk at times. It was at that point that I came to see Dr. Martin. As I continued to see him and receive care, my back pain lessened. By the time I had to deliver my son, who was almost 10 pounds, I was worried that I was definitely going to endure back labor. To my surprise, I actually had absolutely no back labor. I highly believe that it was all thanks to the care that I received from Dr. Martin.

I still continue to receive care from Dr. Martin and I could not recommend a better chiropractor for any type of back pain, pregnant or not! Dr. Martin is the BEST!

Sara Olmos, Mother of two

Harris Rowan

Migraine Headaches

Our 14 year old son has suffered from severe cluster migraines for many years. This has caused him to miss out on many things that he really enjoyed. We have tried a lot of different things to find relief. We tried changing his diet, adjusting his sleep patterns, and putting him on daily medication which made him groggy. Nothing seemed to help him much. Finally we decided to bring him to my chiropractor, Dr. Scott Martin. Within a couple of weeks of treatments our son saw a huge difference in the frequency and the severity of his migraines. In fact, he has had only a few headaches, no migraines, in quite some time. Our thanks go out to Dr. Martin for helping to free our son from the pain and inconvenience of migraines.

Harris Rowan, Student

Gene L.

TMJ ( Temporomandibular Joint)

I had had trouble with my jaw for weeks before I asked my family practitioner for some help. She suggested I take some naprosyn and see my dentist. Naprosyn helped for a while, by reducing the swelling. I saw my dentist three weeks later and got squat. Another three weeks passed before I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat boiled carrots and potatoes in a soup. Then, even the naprosyn wouldn’t help and my jaw froze up.

I called Dr. Martin’s office on a Friday and they saw me that afternoon. With just one session, I could eat and talk without major concentration. So, on that weekend, I ate biscuits, marinated skewered chicken, and Cornish game hens baked and stuffed in dressing.

Consider Dr. Martin for your TMJ. It might be helped better, and sooner, than you think.

Gene L., Counselor

Elaine Braden

Abdominal and Rib Pain

For my aches and pains, I had met with a number of physicians including a very highly respected gastro-interologist down the hill who identified the horrific pain near my gall bladder as “not gallbladder related.” He didn’t know what it was, but he did know what it wasn’t. I suffered through more months of intense pain until one day; I could take no more and found my way to Dr. Martin’s office. He talked to me, told me what he could do for me, and gently adjusted my neck, back, hips and shoulders. Remarkably after only a few visits, the pain in my ribs was gone and has never returned.
Dr. Martin’s kind, caring staff are wonderfully professional and often make room for me on the spur of the moment. Because of all the neck straining papers I grade, I still go in for periodic adjustments. I am treated like an old friend no matter how long it’s been between appointments.

Thanks Dr. Martin, to you and your staff.
Elaine Braden, High School Teacher

Helen Lawson

Herniated Disc

Having had an old injury pop back up from the Lumbar Spine, I went to Dr. Scott L. Martin, D.C. for treatment and an x-ray. Finding out I had a herniated disc, and with treatment it is so wonderful to be without pain. To be able to turn right or left and bend down feels great.

P.S. I would advise trying this before surgery.

Helen Lawson, Retired

Kyla Machael

Chiropractic let’s me do the things I like best

The reason why I like coming to Martin Chiropractic is because of all the nice people that work here and help me and my back. I go to school and play a lot of sports and I am sure that if I didn’t come to the chiropractor, I would not be able to do some of the things that I like best. I love Dr. Martin’s office and all of the people that work there. I encourage everybody to come and see Dr. Martin.

Kyla Machael

Joint Pain

I would like to give a special Thank You to Dr. Martin, Donna, and Elane for the caring and compassionate way they handled my frozen knee joint problems. The pain was very bad! I could hardly hobble into their warm and welcoming office. After a few laser treatments, muscle stimulation and back adjustments, I could walk on both feet once again. My knee joint has become flexible and the pain is almost completely gone in only 2 weeks! I would highly recommend these wonderful and compassionate people to all my friends.

Kathy Keating, Librarian

Michael J. La Fever

No Regrets

I want to thank Doc. Martin, Elaine and staff for all they have done to make me feel physically great again. I remember the day Doc Martin made a presentation at the Barstow BNSF Railroad about his Chiropractic Care. I often wondered about going, but never did. You here all kinds of things. Some good, Some not so good. When Doc Martin visited our facility, explained that our first visit would be free. I just couldn’t pass this up. I’ll admit I have never regretted that first day back in April 5th 1996. My lower back would bother me consistently, especially when standing in place for any length of time. My shoulders were bothered me as well. Since that day I feel, well, nearly 100% better. Very professional but at the same time you feel like family. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit Doc Martin.

Thanks Doc Martin and Staff
Michael J. La Fever

Leticia Cumplido

Auto Accident

I was in a auto accident and had very bad back problems the next day. I was stopped at a red light and the vehicle that came behind me never stopped. I was recommended to Dr.Scott Martin, a Chiropractor. Wow, what a great visit, I was welcomed by the staff and doctor with a smile and highly recommend them to others. My sessions have helped me tremendously and now I sleep better. I assure you will always be welcomed with a great doctor and a great staff, and will be able to see great results. Thank You, so much Dr. Scott Martin and staff.

Leticia Cumplido

TMJ Pain

Having recently having suffered from TMJ I asked Dr. Martin if he could help relieve the pain. He used LASER THERAPY and jaw manipulation. It was amazing how quickly the pain subsided. After a quick series of treatments the pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Martin.

Sharon Danley, Barstow CA

Low Back and Leg Pain

I want to thank your Dr. Martin for relieving my low back and leg pain that I have been suffering with since 1947. I have been to a neurologist and a neuro surgeon. I was taking 500 mg of the narcotic vicodin every day. Over the past two weeks of treatment with you I have not needed to take any pain medication thanks to you! Like I told you I have been living with this pain since I was a young marine. Now no complaints.

Oscar Valenzuela, Marine Veteran

Senior Care

Dr. Martin, I want to thank you for caring for me and for helping relieve my low back pain. Also, thank you for referring me to an orthopedic surgeon you trust so I can have my knee corrected from another surgery that was unsuccessful, so that I will walk again and be free of pain.

Thank you. Mrs. Esther Carrillo

Low Back Pain

Martin Chiropractic was highly recommended by my wife who is in the radiology field. I found the office to be very professional, courteous and helpful. Dr. Martin diagnosed me and told me exactly what was wrong and how to fix it within twenty minutes. I highly recommend this office and will spread the word at Ft. Irwin to everyone that needs Chiropractic care. I appreciate them getting me in so fast and the extreme friendliness of his staff.

Johnny Pace, Barstow CA